About Us 

Daksha Group provides a wide range of services worldwide. Mostly focused in consulting and outsourcing, we are dedicated to provide efficient solutions with high quality and professionalism.

Established in Mexico City and with offices in USA, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Venezuela and an Hi-Tech development center in India, Daksha Group has achieved a constant growth rate since its beginnings in 2011 until now.


We help organizations to thrive in the digital era, through a broad portfolio of services and solutions that enable business transformation by improving IT efficiency and effectiveness.

Since our beginning in 2011, we have established a direct presence in 8 countries including India, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile and Venezuela.

We work with cutting edge technologies to offer Applications Services, Business Intelligence, Mobile Platforms, ECommerce, Quality Assurance, Project Management, ERPs.



We use information, knowledge and technology to turn your vision, into reality.


We want to be recognized by the national and international market as a leader in consulting and outsourcing  services,  where our success stories and disciplinary culture will boost integration in our workplace.

Our experience in Technology and Education industries make us the best choice to stimulate the growth of cutting-edge organizations, which currently sets the course of business.

Customers like Fortune1000, who trusted in our solutions, achieved excellent results in key sectors such as Insurance, Telecommunications, Banking, Automotive, Energy, Pharmaceutical Products, Retail and Distribution.


Daksha Group, dedicated to provide professional services in consulting, where we have a large team of expert consultants for each  business sector. We guide organizations to focus on one direction, allowing them to grow, based on strategic plans and objectives.

The speed at which business world moves, organizations need to brake, by failing in obtaining the learning curve necessary to  keep up with all the new technologies and strategies that encourage their development.

Therefore, we become the best choice, having a vast range of knowledge and experience at implementing strategic solutions that organizations are looking for to reduce the gap in learning and changes, that will suffer the organizations for adapting to the new global trends.



Daksha offers cutting-edge technology solutions which today are key points to ensure that organizations keep up to date in the competitive field. Thanks to a vast line of services dedicated to feed our business sectors, we can help our customers to take advantage of their investments, providing a clearer vision for the accomplishment of their strategic objectives.

The experience gained in each successful case makes our services evolve, providing higher quality and a broad base of knowledge in the services we offer, by customizing solutions to each of our clients.



At this time we do not have any jobs openings . Please check this page regularly,  as we may have opportunities in the near future, you can also send us your resume at:  Rh@daksha.mx , and we will keep it  in our archive.



Periférico Boulevard Manuel Ávila Camacho 235

Col. Polanco I Sección. 

Tel. (55) 59 20 33 98


Carrera 12 No. 98-35 Of. 305, Edificio Chicó Empresarial Bogotá, Colombia

For jobs available in Daksha Group, please apply at



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